Rune Farm

Fair-launch NFT farming protocol on Binance Smart Chain

Welcome to Rune Farm

So, you've made it to this haven we call Rune Farm. Welcome. Stay a while, listen and ask questions.

Rune Farm is aiming to be a leading NFT platform in crypto gaming. Rune launches yield farms as a way to acquire NFTs that can be combined into other NFTs called Rune Words. Characters and Guilds on the platform will gain certain farm bonuses or NFT rewards depending on their attributes. We are a fair launch project with no investors, no presale and no premine.

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Why Rune?

  • Low max supply. Only 20,000 will ever be minted.

  • Continuous updates and open source by a highly experienced anon developer.

  • Community-feedback highly welcomed with monitored chat & frequent polls.

  • Multiple opportunities throughout the year with different NFT runes, each with different distribution mechanics.

  • ​Detailed roadmap & game plan. Unique item crafting, nextgen marketplace, NFT offerings, and games coming.

  • ​Integrated latest security recommendations including timelock and removed migrator code.

  • Vault fees used for buybacks, burns, promotion and any other way to increase value for RUNE holders.

  • Small dev fee so you know my incentives are aligned.

===> Check the FAQ for the more common questions! ===> Starter Guide​

I am an experienced software developer that wants to contribute to the DeFi NFT movement and take it to the next level with real world use cases and positive impact.

I am creating a perpetual deflation token model, the Rune ($RUNE), that allows a sustainable price model with a sufficient burn mechanism.

I aim to replace the swap & exchange but to add value into the ecosystem and create a suitable and sustainable environment for people to yield farm with high APR.

On top of that I am implementing positive social-impact in our tokenomic to link DeFi with real world actions. A percentage of all fees will be donated to Code For Change NGO, CodeJIKA, who are helping teens learn programming in South Africa.

NFT Hyperfarming

Rune is the next evolution of DeFi farming. Farming is when you use your tokens to earn bonus tokens by staking them. Every week a new token is created (called a rune). It's farmed until the max supply of 50,000. That rune can then be combined with other runes to create NFTs. Those NFTs can be used to improve your earnings.

Blockchain Gaming

You can start building your character right away. Choose from 1 of 7 classes, join a guild, and raid farms to start earning runes instantly.

Evolving NFTs

Imagine a virtual world like Ready Player One, where your NFTs adapt to the game you're playing? We're building the market first, by distributing NFTs in Rune farms, that can later be used in Rune games.

Unique Crafted NFTs

Rune brings uniquely generated attributes to NFTs that have real utility. Every item has an affect on your farm: increase yield, burn, chance to unlock hidden pool, and much more!



$RUNE is the protocol of the ecosystem. There was only 20,000 minted and are frequently burned. It is required to do certain actions such as create characters. In the future it can be staked for Arcane Dust ($ARC), which recieve dividends from other systems. Such planned systems are Random Chests, Item Gambling, and Mystery Trades.

Rune is built by a dedicated team who are passionate about RPGs and the DeFi space, and have the experience to bring it to a broad market. Like Bitcoin, the creator is anonymous (for the time being).

​How was RUNE launched?

It was a fair token distribution! No premine. Rewards have been announced in advance, and no one got any allocs. I have tried to launch in the most fair conditions.

What does the team get then?

There's a tax on transactions that should be enough for our team to get funds for dev and expenses.

Main Features

Rune uses PancakeSwap to drive our liquidity pools and swaps. Security improvements have been taking from Goose Defi.

  • Buffs (increase yield)

  • Character NFTs

  • Weapon NFTs

  • Inventory / farm equips

  • Crafting (random + utility)

  • Marketplace

  • 33 Rune Tokens (50K Max Supply Per Token)

  • New Rune Weekly (Fluid Farming)

Improved burning mechanism

We are trying to create a strong burning mechanism that deflates the supply and in the long-term combats the inflation.

  • The 4% farm fee on stable pairs will be used on buyback and burn or other incentives to hold $RUNE tokens.

  • 95% of the 4% use for buy & burns, contests, audit, and other strategies as the community decides.

  • 2.5% of the 4% will be given to the best NGO (likely South Africa based).

  • 2.5% of the 4% will be used to continue further development of the Rune ecosystem.

At times, there will be a transfer fee for the RUNE token and EL-ZOD runes, up to 1% vault fee + 0.1% charity fee + 0.1% dev fee. Slippage may need to be set between 0.8% and 2.1%. The transfer fee has a maximum cap in the contract at 1.2% total. Check announcements for current transfer fees.


Initially, RUNE token was available from staking in liquidity pools. That stopped at 20,000 max supply. The token has governance voting built in, and there will be a UI for RUNE holders to vote on important changes to the ecosystem in the future. Focus will be on maintaining growth and high APY for runes.

Please see this page:​

Demystifying Farms

  • People want 10x on the native token right away, and they use high unsustainable APY as a way to attract buyers, pump up the price, and dump into them. They almost never recover.

  • Wouldn't it be great if a reasonable APY could be maintained? What's wrong with 2000% APY? You don't like 20x on your money? If you can give me even 5x my money this year in a relatively safe way, I will take it any day of the week. And from the same developer, so I don't have to risk my stack with 30 sketchy projects per year? Hell yes.

  • Rune is built to be such a thing. Instead of minting the native token, we mint new rune tokens. They start at a high price, as all farms do, and due to inflation they decrease in price. However, after 1 week we cap the supply so it can't increase anymore. This gives each rune token the chance to find a bottom.

  • Then, we build on those rune tokens by finding ways to burn them or lock them up.

  • What's great about Rune is that the farm aspect is just a fun game to play while the rune tokens are getting distributed. These rune tokens will be used for way more functionality as the year progresses, giving each a chance to grow in value.

  • Rune tokens will be used in NFTs that provide farm buffs for future rune farms. These NFTs will also be able to be sold on other markets such as OpenSea until our marketplace is finished.

  • Finally, Rune will have an online RPG built around these runes and NFTs, so they have even more utility.

  • These NFTs will be evolving, so they can be carried to other Rune games or even third-party games. You could upgrade your Windforce in one game, and experience the benefit in a different game.

  • While all this is happening, whales and gamblers are coming into the RUNE token, taking their shot at glory and sometimes hitting it and most often not, but each time they are paying fees and providing volume and liquidity. With those fees being burned or used for buybacks, the RUNE supply is deflating, giving RUNE stability to find new price floors, and experience growth spurts thorough the year.

  • Throughout the year, we're taking that money they've left on the table and moving it into rune raiders pockets. Our motto is always reward rune holders, not rune dumpers.

  • There's a lot more ideas being kicked around, so pay attention to the chat and announcements for more!


  • Earn rune #1-33 (EL-ZOD) while staking or other mechanism. Our goal will be to get every rune listed, and associated NFTs airdropped at a later point. I hope our early adopters understand what I'm doing and are prosperous for joining me in this adventure.

How to earn (this could change):

  • RUNE - Standard farm. DONE AND SUPPLY LOCKED.


  • ELD - 100% supply airdropped on RUNE characters. DONE AND SUPPLY LOCKED.

  • TIR - Farmed with EL until locked. DONE AND SUPPLY LOCKED.

  • NEF - Earned with RUNE characters until locked. DONE AND SUPPLY LOCKED.

  • ETH...ZOD - To be announced.


You will be able to earn farming bonuses when you've buffed your character. Basically, you can choose 10 of your NFTs to lock up, each having different buffs. All early adopters will be airdropped the first NFT with a buff soon, and will be able to explore their NFTs in the upcoming inventory.


  • Timelock added to contract at launch.

  • Removed migrator code (inherited from Pancake swap).

  • Ownership transferred to Void (no access).




  • RUNE token and RUNE pools.

  • Character creation. Exclusive NFT airdrops for first 1000 characters (future).

  • Deflationary BEP20 Runes. New runes will be released one-by-one. See the full Rune List here.



  • Rune Words (NFTs).

  • Rune swaps (BEP20 <-> NFT).

  • Character inventory system (Support both BEP20 + NFTs).

  • Character + Guild buffs for farming (using Rune Words).

  • Leaderboards, achievements, points, etc.

  • Shop.

  • Chests.

  • Bosses.

  • Partnerships.

  • ABNB/ABUSD wrapped tokens.

  • Gambling.

  • Marketing Fundraiser Event (pets).





  • Desktop app.

  • Marketplace trading system.

  • Governance voting.

  • More gambling systems.

  • Rune Ultimate Tournament.

  • Farm PvP.



  • Marketplace beta (PRELIMINARY ESTIMATE DATE)

  • Evolving licensed NFT system finalized.

  • Unique airdrops to early adopters.

  • More TBA.

For more details see the Roadmap page.

Why did I build Rune Farm?

  • I like building cool shit, and I see a lot cool shit I can build in the DeFi space. With the summer of NFTs coming, this is perfect timing to make a mark. I want to be a part of The Great Transfer of Wealth.

  • I wanted to build a game that truly utilized NFTs, and decided to start with the fundaments - the item economy. I have a lot of experience in gamedev and know the pain points to adoption.

  • I know the pace of software, and even in crypto, it's quite slow. Given enough time, I can beat any experience out there. By end of year, our NFT platform will be the smoothest with the richest experience.

  • There's thousands of game devs in my local vicinity and I'm ready to mobilize a team when we have funding. I have a lot of experience in all related fields, so the path is pretty clear in my head.

  • Using runes as a playground gives me a lot to experiment with - a minimum of 33 pools, Rune Word recipes, NFT marketplace, etc.

  • Binance is the leader of the industry, and the first thing many new to crypto touch. With ETH fees as they are, I see BSC as potentially flipping Ethereum.

  • It's a shame there are as many rugs as there is, and I would like to bridge the gap between chains. I've been in the blockchain space since 2012, and have made enough that I have no reason to rug. As long as the nominal fee I take for my effort can keep me afloat then I'm happy.

  • I see each new farm pool as a way to reward true crypto believers, and those who have grit, taking risks to make it. Every pool is increasing the total market share of crypto, and although it deflates from time to time, it's quickly overtaking traditional finance. I'm certainly going to do my part.

  • You'll notice Rune Farm takes some inspiration from Diablo 2. That's kind of an anchor to get started. If you've played the game you can quickly understand how the economy will work and relative rarity of your runes. Rest assured I have plenty of my own unique ideas. Naming conventions are generic in the code as there will be a rebranding at some point.