Max supply?


Flashloan Attacks?


Q. Why a RUNE farm?

A. Update: RUNE farm and RUNE token have been locked. No more RUNE farm. Why did we have one? If you had 100/10000 of the original supply and you farmed on day 1, you'd earn 290 tokens per day. But so would everyone else who had 100 of the original 10000. By farming you're just maintaining your % ownership, while some others may choose to sell to newcomers. This helps distribute the tokens so there's less whales. This is a good thing for the long-term outcome of the project. Of course, at some point this results in a flood of tokens with no more demand to buy them up, so the AMM liquidity gets eaten until there's nothing left. The only thing that keeps the momentum going is faith in the project, and newcomers seeing value and buying bags. That's usually driven by development, but can also be marketing and insider trading.

Q. Slippage?

A. If trading 2 runes then 2.2% or up to 3%. If trading 1 rune and BNB/BUSD then 1.2%

Make sure to use round numbers.

Q. Is the initial liquidity locked?

A. Yup, 5 years using DxLock. TX: https://bscscan.com/tx/0xfc05fe95a93798613dacb4b87ef170f957f54e5e67c2cf5e78c548fe11f27dd2

There is a supply of ~572 LPs and 525 were initially created + locked, so I guess roughly 50 have been created by others since. I'm not sure that's a good idea until farms start, but that's up to them.

LP contract: https://bscscan.com/token/0xf9444c39bbdcc3673033609204f8da00d1ae3f52

Q. What is the inventory page?

A. Inventory page will be where you can easily manage the runes/NFTs

Q. What are characters used for?

A. Characters will be required to benefit from certain future farms. They will be used to saved NFTs from future games. They will be airdropped special bonuses in the future. The first guild The First Ones will be closed within a few weeks, and will be airdropped bonuses later this year.

Q. What can I do with my character right now?

A. Join guild, craft and equip items, join raids. Achievements, guild creation, coming soon. Game demo in summer will use your character + NFTs.

Q. What are guilds for?

A. The First Ones are the early adopters who will receive airdrop bonuses later this year. Soon, anybody can create a guild for them and their friends or people of shared values. Among other things, Guilds will be able to earn higher farm bonuses and share those higher bonuses to those they invite to their guild. We'll announce more details in the coming weeks.

Q. Why does the deployer wallet have multiple RUNE tokens?

A. I did a lot of testing before the final deployment. None of those had more than a few hundred RUNEs or more than $1 liquidity. Everybody was instructed NOT to buy them.

Q. What's the marketing plan?

A. Well in addition to the standard stuff, contests, paid ads, I know some guys. And each rune is going to be its own little event of course. I'm always open to ideas in Telegram 🙂 Visual collateral Better vision messaging Better Twitter presence, stickers, etc. Paid TG ads / groups Line up AMAs Prepare content to drip through influencers/youtubers Combine these with release schedule Maybe some gorilla meme marketing who knows I can't guarantee an ever-increasing price. But I'll do my best to keep the overall APY solid. Need some time to get dev done in between these insane pumps though.

Q. How big is the team?

A. We've got 12 working behind the scenes. The lead dev, 2 consultant devs, 2 consultant project managers, 1 marketing manager, 1 community manager, 4 mods, and some advisors. We estimate we'll need 1-2 more Solidity devs over the next few months, and 1-2 frontend React devs. This will be funded by a portion of the vault fees.

Q. Are you planning to increase the dev team?

A. Yes, I've got a lot of connections in this sphere who can help and will abuse freelancers liberally 😆 However, in the beginning it's much easier for me to do things myself. Other developers take a lot of time to ramp up, and most just get in the way. I'm at the top of my game after having crafted my skills for 20 years. When our market cap reaches 50M, or we raise a few million dollars, I'll rent an office and hire professionals (I've already planned out where to setup, somewhere where many of the top game companies in the world are in the area).

Q. Can I apply for the team?

A. For sure. You can reach me at this email: [email protected]

Q. Will there be any rewards for early believers in The First One guild? :)

A. It will be a surprise, but you can bet when RUNE makes it big time that I'll be rewarding the original guild.

Q. Will you be able to buy items at the marketplace or the inventory with the runes you farm?

A. Yup, or combine the different runes to make items, like an Enigma with Jah Ith Ber. hose items will have random quality and be pretty much compatible with crypto kitties. I want to go deeper on them but want to get things up and running first.

Q. Fair launch?

A. 10,000 RUNE minted: https://bscscan.com/token/0xa9776b590bfc2f956711b3419910a5ec1f63153e

9210.28 exchanged for 525.65 LPs https://bscscan.com/tx/0x992c0dd735bea17030f97240b8e53e6f3858ecfb84f9a38a72d75158625b0bfb 525.65 LPs locked for 5 years: https://bscscan.com/tx/0xfc05fe95a93798613dacb4b87ef170f957f54e5e67c2cf5e78c548fe11f27dd2

789.72 burned: https://t.me/runefarm/1645

Q. Flashloan Attacks?

A. Rune cannot be flashloan attacked by any known method, and it seems like the community knows pretty much everything by now.

1) We don't do funny calculations in our token contracts, like reflection or magic AMM pricing calcs. 2) We don't use outside sources for prices or anything at all. 3) We don't depend upon other contracts or use other contracts for live calculations. 4) We used 100% standard Masterchef calculations. 5) We don't even pair our liquidity with partners like most farms do, because if a partner is attacked then the attacker can exit through us.

Rune was designed to be an isolated safe haven, with each token building on that. If we take a risk with using a new mechanic, it would only be with a new rune, which is only a small part of the ecosystem (there's the protocol token, 33 BEP20 runes, thousands of NFTs, etc). That way we greatly reduce our risk, but gives us a playground to innovate.

Q. Max supply?

A. RUNE max supply is 22,529.999999. Burned: 2,911 Current supply: 19,619 Originally 10,000 were minted, and the remaining 12,529.999999 were farmed. The farm was closed and RUNE ownership was renounced, and is owned by the Void, a contract which can only set the transfer fees (hardcoded to 1.2% max).

Q. Audit?

A. Rune was forked from Goose, which was audited by Certik and Hacken. It has been internally audited by half a dozen developers. We're working on getting more official audits, and when we have enough funds we'll do a Certik audit. See the Risks page for more details.

Q. Is this Diablo inspired?

A. I've taken inspiration from many places, Diablo, Zelda, Pokemon, and more. I fell in love with Diablo when I was a youngster, and I've haven't stopped playing it almost yearly. With the Project Diablo 2 mod pulling in 20,000+ concurrent players on March 12th, there's a clear demand for everything Diablo 2. With the upcoming releases of Diablo Immortal, Diablo Resurrected, and Diablo 4, the Diablo and ARPG fanbase will only grow. Rune seeks to bring a new element to the RPG scene and fill a much needed gap in game markets.

A. Honestly all I've borrowed are rune names. Rune names are not copyright. Everything else is kept generic for rebranding if necessary. When we hit top 100 there will be a rebrand remove anything associated with other RPGs. Anyway I'm 100% anon so it might not be so easy to stop me, but I would comply with change requests. If you want to file a copyright claim, email [email protected]

Q. When did the token go live?

A. RUNE token has been live since March 30th 2021 at 9:15 PM UTC

Q. Where are you getting listed?

A. Here's the list in progress: 🔶 DefiYield - sent 🔶 Blockfolio - sent 🔶 CoinGecko - sent 🔶 BscScan yield list - need more info ✅ Dapp.com - done ✅ BscScan - done ✅ DappRadar - done ✅ BscProject - done ✅ Delta - done, but missing logo ✅ BSC Price BOT - done ❌ CoinMarketCap - todo ❌ LiveCoinWatch - todo ❌ Defistation - todo

Q. What about the migrator code and timelock?

A. No migrator function. There is a timelock on the MasterChef contract which will own the RUNE contract. Please see Github.

Q. Why Binance Smart Chain (BSC)?

A. Binance is the leader of the industry, and the first thing many new to crypto touch. With ETH fees as they are, I see BSC as potentially flipping Ethereum.

Q. What if ETH2 or L2 becomes mainstream?

A. We'll bridge as soon as things shift.

Q. Is RUNE protected by a multisig?

A. I've thought about this a lot. What is a multisig? It's when you trust 1 of 2 other people sign transactions with you. Is there 2 people in crypto I trust enough with the keys? No, the only 2 people I trust that much are family, not into crypto. And nobody I would trust would keep these sigs as secure as I would. The term multisig is a meme, a trick to make people trust a project when there's still many possible points of failure. There's been numerous cases of problems with multisig, where 1 gets hacked and the other tricked, or 2 disagree and cause a breakdown of the project. I will not allow that to happen. I do everything I can to minimize risk. That's why I'm anonymous and nobody knows I'm doing this project. That's why I locked RUNE early, and sent it to the Void. Nobody has any control over RUNE. We do however have the vault, which currently has 20% of RUNE. Theoretically I could be hacked, if they got through my double VPN and firewall, or managed to somehow trick me. And they would find nothing. Because I sign all transactions from an offline Macbook, secured by XTS-AES-128 encrypted HDD, a very strong password and firewall. I will at some point transfer the vault holdings to a contract though, when things stabilize. Each rune is eventually locked in the Void, and ownership is given to Masterchef, which is given to a Timelock. So there's very minimal amount of damage they can do. No API has access to funds, so don't even bother hackerman. Every important account, domains, DNS, etc. are protected by 2F authentication. If I were to have a health disaster, all information & instructions needed are in my safety deposit box, which are in my will, given to those 2 family members.

Q. The vault has a lot of runes, what will you do with them?

A. They will mostly be used for locked liquidity, some will be burned, some will be used for contests, and some will be used for future rune mechanics. When EL was released, we provided EL-RUNE liquidity. When TIR is released, we'll provide the EL-TIR LPs. We'll keep doing that and some day soon we'll lock those LPs for 5 years using DxLock like we did for RUNE-BNB.

Q. Won't the RUNE market cap get diluted by runes?

A. If there's no new investors coming in, then it could have that kind of affect. Some might choose to diversify between the runes. RUNE will have its day. It's still early days. We're building support levels for the year. Not a pump n dump. All good projects go bearish sometimes. It shouldn't be bearish for an unnatural amount of time, as our goal is to periodically bring more utility back to RUNE holders. And EL-ZOD runes are a very key part of the success of RUNE. The more successful they are, the more successful RUNE will be in the long run. Because there will be a lot of cross-utility between Runes, Rune Words, and even what happens with our partner collaborations (eg. Slime NFTs and characters) it's impossible to tell how the market will evolve. One thing we can say for sure is it'll be an interesting year!

Q. I'm having trouble on mobile or hardware wallet.

A. Try restarting your mobile app, check you're on BSC network, check you have some BNB, check it's the right wallet, and if no go then DM a mod in Telegram. Ledger is having trouble with the character creation process, and we're looking into it.

Q. There's so much to do, what do I do?

A. There's lots of ways to play it, kind of fun if you like farming. For example:

  1. HODL RUNE because it's super deflationary. Jump from pool to pool to get EL -> TIR -> NEF. Sell runes and flip into more RUNE.

  2. Load up on LPs for 3x-6x more than pools, break it up, take the IL on the chin, keep spinning them into newest rune LPs. EL-RUNE -> EL-TIR -> TIR-NEF. Highest risk highest reward mentality.

  3. Load up on LPs for 3x-6x more than pools, don't break it up and keep moving the LP to the next farms until IL is stabilized. Use the rewards to make more LPs. Short term risk due to IL, but long term more gains. The benefit here is high multiplier, no transfer fees.

  4. Load up on EL speculating on demand when people try to withdraw TIR rewards.

  5. Go 50% RUNE in the pools, and diversify the rewarded runes for the other 50%. Balance.

  6. Be the first to take the NFT Runes and Rune Words to third-parties like OpenSea and see what other markets will pay for them after each release.

  7. Try to catch the market swings, sell on way up and reinvest on way down.

That's all without character / guild buffs which are coming soon. There's no perfect strategy because the Rune ecosystem is evolving, so no one knows which strategy will come out on top.

Q. What about vaults?

A. Vaults have always been considered, but there's a lot to be weighed there. We're building core strength first.

Q. What are runes used for?

A. Runes are BEP20 tokens that are locked after farming period, and will be exchangeable for NFT 1:1. In the future those runes can be combined into Rune Word NFT items that consume the runes, giving you a new NFT items with random attributes, which of course can be traded. They can be traded on any marketplace that supports BSC, or our Marketplace when it's released later this year.

Q. Why is APY low?

  1. It's actually high compared to more mainstream projects like Pancake or Goose. It may be a low boost period. We have random 3X and 7X boosts throughout the week. But RUNE is not your standard farm. It's built more like a real utility token, with farming as a benefit.

  2. Stablecoins are not rewarded as favorably here, because ultimately they suck value out of the system for high TVL numbers that don't matter. Still better than a mutual fund.

  3. Creating LPs with your newly minted runes is probably the best to maintain APY.

  4. Look at the 1 year APY. It's often around 10,000% APY. You think we can keep doing this to maintain that? Probably not, but we're going to try. That's 100x from farming alone, not considering the hodl affect.

  5. RUNE is built like a real project, like ENJIN or FLOW. Those don't have farms and people still hold them.

  6. Everything builds on previous runes. No LP is left behind. Every rune supply is locked after farming. So you can make LPs with runes and know they are deflating over time.

Q. NFT Partnerships?

We are now accepting NFT Partnerships for a limited time.

Projects can create exclusive NFT item(s) to be used on Rune.Farm Item name Item type Item image Item buffs and de-buffs

Projects can submit requests via our NFT Partnership Form: https://forms.gle/JnufYQjqAvn6KBhb7


TVL doesn't really make sense for our use-case. When TVL term was first created, they were actually locked LPs (cVault Finance). These days almost no farm has locked value. It's just staked LPs, yet they still call it TVL, which is incorrect because it can be removed at any moment. Additionally, most farms are staked 80% stable/stable which doesn't say much at all. You've got stables, BNB, BTC farming the native token - how is that good? I've contemplated creating the TNSVL (Total Non-Stable Value Locked) or the TSSL (Total Stable Side Liquidity) but honestly feels like a waste of time. You can see liquidity on any chart website like Dextools. We're more comparable to other NFT projects which don't have any "locked" value like CryptoKitties or Lost Relics. And for us farms are becoming more and more of a side feature. For these reasons, I'm not putting TVL on the website. You'll have to calculate it yourself if you find that useful.