2021 Q1

  • Launch RUNE token, farm and pools.

  • Character creation. Create character NFT with a RUNE fee. Exclusive NFT airdrops for first 1000 characters (future).

  • Deflationary BEP20 Runes. They will initially be minted as rewards to liquidity providers, but when the next rune is created, minting will forever stop. They will be burned with fees gathered from providers. After the pools are closed, that rune can never be minted again. Then the rune will then become deflationary, as it can only be burned.

2021 Q2

  • Launch runes: $EL $ELD $TIR $NEF $ETH $ITH $TAL $RAL $ORT $THUL $AMN

  • Character inventory system. Improved way to navigate, trade, and dupe your owned NFTs. Will initially only support Arcane NFTs, but will likely be open to third-party NFTs in the future.

  • Rune Swaps. Swap runes based on the hardcoded ratio specified in the Rune List. The target rune is minted, while the sent runes are burned. There may be some arbitrage opportunity, as the market finds its fair price per rune. If you want to stack the rarist rune Zod, or speculate on the future usefulness of other runes.

  • Leaderboards, achievements, points, etc.

  • Shop. Purchase skins, pets, NFTs directly with BNB.

  • Chests. Purchase keys to unlock chests for BNB or other tokens.

  • Bosses. Stake $RUNE to earn runes in boss battles.

  • Arcane Sanctuary website + branding.

  • Partnerships. Exclusive partner NFTs with unique mechanics.

  • $XRUNE governance voting.

  • ABNB/ABUSD wrapped tokens.

  • Gambling.

  • $ARC token launch. Stake $XRUNE to generate $ARC and get dividends automatically.

  • Marketing Fundraiser Event (pets).

  • Game alpha (PRELIMINARY ESTIMATE DATE). Small games to demonstrate how to build DeFi-based games, and highlight Arcane features.

  • Start work on cross-chain NFT bridge. Ethereum <> BSC bridge for Rune NFTs. Bring your NFTs to ETH + OpenSea.

2021 Q3


  • Desktop app. Progress on this has already started.

  • Rune Words. Combine runes into NFT Rune Words (each with random affixes). Rune Word items will initially be designed by us, but a limited amount of custom Rune Words will be put up for auction, where you will have a chance to design one of your own. If you hold many of the runes required, you can craft them as your heart desires until you've created a Perfect Rune Word.

  • More gambling systems. Gamble your old LPs in a locked LP pool, and win all proceeds earned by those LPs for an entire day. The locked LP pool gets bigger and bigger over time. Eventually we may add cVault style mechanics against this liquidity pool (arbitrage, flash loans) or ITS rebase mechanics. TBD.

  • PvP farms - use NFTs to compete against other raiders for glory and riches.

  • Rune Ultimate Tournament.

  • Start work on NFT licensing/upgrading.

  • Start work on Marketplace. Something like OpenSea, but more familiar to RPG gamers.

  • More TBA.

2021 Q4

  • Launch runes: $PUL $UM $MAL $IST $GUL $VEX $OHM $LO $SUR $BER $JAH $CHAM $ZOD

  • Marketplace beta (PRELIMINARY ESTIMATE DATE)

  • Evolving licensed NFT system finalized.

  • Unique airdrops to early adopters.

  • Team starts working on Arcane Sanctuary.

  • Team starts working on cross-chain bridge.

  • More TBA.

2022 Q1-Q4

  • Think Ready Player One on the blockchain. More TBA.