RUNE Tokens

Initially, RUNE token will be available from staking in liquidity pools. They have governance voting built in, and there will be a UI for RUNE holders to vote on important changes to the ecosystem.

There will be 33 runes minted, EL ELD TIR NEF etc. For the complete list, please see the Rune List page. Initially, each rune will be a BEP20 token that is later converted to an NFT through a claim contract. These NFT runes can be combined into Rune Word items, which have attributes and such like Hearthstone. You can use a certain amount of these items to buff your character for a farm raid (for example 10). Each buff may have different affects, such as increasing your yield, or burning a certain percent of the yield for some other bonus. The possibilities are infinite, and we've got a lot brewing behind the scenes.

Focus will be on maintaining growth and high APY for runes.

  1. I will of course be doing standard burns from farm fees, character creation fees, etc.

  2. A primary component will be the additional runes, each one will function as its own little marketing event to bring more volume into the RUNE market.

  3. NFT offerings and marketplace sales and protocol require RUNE tokens.

  4. Additional runes EL-ZOD will do buy & burns on RUNE.

  5. Vault funds go to buy & burn, or liquidity rebases.

  6. Reduce minting when we're in a hype cycle and don't need the extreme APY, but increase minting during the downturn to increase APY.

  7. Stop minting entirely at a strategic point (for example < 100% APY) and depend entirely on additional runes for APY. RUNE would then be entirely deflationary.

  8. Go cross-chain for more audience/liquidity.

How will these runes be distributed?

For the first few runes we'll keep it simple, a farm, an airdrop, something like that. Then we'll kick it up a notch, and each rune will build on the previous in some way. Some will buyback and burn, for example to get into the NEF pool maybe you need to burn a % of EL. They will not all be the same. Each one will have unique mechanism. Possibilities:

  1. Farming.

  2. Airdrop all RUNE holders.

  3. Airdrop on specific guilds or characters with specific attributes.

  4. Same as above, but entrance requirement for farms.

  5. Entrance fee of a previous rune that does a buyback & burn.

  6. Won in a lottery pool using other runes as an entrance fee that is of course burned.

  7. Stake LPs and get a totally random rune.

  8. Found ingame and claimed on blockchain.

  9. Distributed as dividends from early exits in vested earnings contracts.

  10. Gambling (lotteries).

  11. Stake runes in winner-take-all battles (pvp).

  12. And many more.

In addition to that, we're keeping up with the DeFi space with other offers. For example if we do launchpads, maybe we'll burn certain runes as fees. If we do a dividend rune, maybe it'll only have an entrance through RUNE and burn the entire rune when sold, requiring it to be farmed again.

Every rune has a hardcap, a max supply. The lock is built into the token contract. However, in the beginning the max supply won't be in the contract, but it's our goal to have that laid out better.

Our philosophy is to reward rune holders, not rune dumpers. We're looking for longterm growth, and improved volume & liquidity. Not short term pump n dumps. You can look at these tokenomics as a way to reward diamond hands, not paper hands.

We're happy to have you here, and lets get out there and RAID SOME RUNES!