Rune Words

These Rune Words will be used in the first game in the Arcane series, Arcane: Sanctuary. There will be more info on the upcoming Arcane website. Rune Words are created with runes, which are acquired via farming, airdrops, and possibly other methods. Each rune can be acquired for roughly a week, each with different mechanics, initially with farming (inflation). After that period, the supply will be locked forever and become deflationary. Various methods will be used to deflate the supply: requiring it for future farms, locking it for benefits, lotteries, transfer fees & burns, buyback & burns, etc.

When creating a Rune Word, only whole values can be used. So the supply of each rune is limited. Only so many Rune Words can be created and traded, then that's it.

Current Rune Words

Future Rune Words